Corundum refractory castable

Corundum refractory castable,This type castable use different artificial materials like high bauxite,corundum,carborundum and others as main materials according to different grades and also mix with many kinds of additives , superplasticizer and flowable agent to increase the materials’flowing property. Its main characters are : it is only depend on itself weight and the promotion of potential difference to make it flow on the condition that no increasing of water consumption ; and make it could do construction in crevice and place where couldn’t beat on the condition that no shaking ; good workability ; mainly used in where it is difficult to do construction and severe wear parts .

Corundum refractory castable

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Corundum self-flow wear-resisting refractory castable

Technical performance parameters:

Project & Grade DFNMZLJ- 1 DFNMZLJ-2
Al203′   %             ≥ 80 85
Si02,     %             ≤ 15 13
Volume density g/cm3 2.8 2.9
Compression strength (Mpa) 110℃ x24h≥ 85 90
815℃ x3h≥ 95 110
1100℃ x3h≥ 120 130
Breaking strength(Mpa) 110℃ x24h≥ 12 14
815℃ x3h≥ 14 15
1100℃ x3h≥ 16 17
Abrasion loss under normal temperature (cc ≤) 6.5 5
Thermal shock resistance(900℃water cooling) ,each time ≥ 25 25
Flow value(mm) ≥ 200

Remark: We could adjust technical performance index according to client’s working condition.

Our advantages :

  1. We have engaged in the refractory materials from year 1994 , so we have very rich experience.
  2. Our engineer is one of the best of the exist two experts in our country . many other technicians came to our factory to learn when they met difficulties from our engineer –Mr Wang.
  3. We have several types patented refractory materials that other factory couldn’t manufacture.
  4. Our factory is the first one to get government permit for manufacturing when there is strict policy for protecting environment.
  5. We are expert in the CFB boiler project and also have built many projects around our countries.

Corundum self-flow wear-resisting refractory castable.

So if you need turn-key project of CFB boiler , we are your best choice !

Mainly used in steel oxidation conversion furnace lining and tapping hole, high power electric furnace wall hot place, and outside the furnace refining furnace lining, cement refractory kilns,ladle slag line parts and so on.

Thermal insulation refractory castable


Light weight thermal insulation refractory castable

This type product uses light weight aggregate , high quality refractory raw materials and additives as main materials and mix them which has excellent mechanical properties in low, medium and high temperature , it has characteristics of good heat-insulating , energy-saving and cost-reducing, easy construction which suitable for the heat-insulting parts or furnace liner directly of CFB boiler ,chemical ,petroleum and other industrial furnace . …


Thermal shock resistance refractory castable

Thermal shock resistance refractory castable

This type product uses superior artificial materials as main raw materials and mix with superior combined binder and super micropowder . it has characteristics of excellent steady thermal shock , high refractoriness and high strength which could ensure the whole structure of CFB boiler liner and more suitable for the circumstance where temperature fluctuation is relatively large in the Ignition channel and water cooling chamber of CFB boiler . …


1.FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples.
2.By Sea for batch goods.
3.Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods!
4.Delivery Time:3 days for common shape samples;15 days for special shape samples.Within 30 days for batch goods.

Payment Terms
1.Payment: T/T, Western Union,LC; Usually 30% paid by T/T as deposit,the rest 70% balance paid by T/T before delivery .
2.MOQ: Usually 1Tons,Customers can order certain PCS for special brick.
3.Quality Warranty: 3years.

Package Information
1.On wooden pallets with plastic cover.
2.According to customer’s requirements.

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