Micro-expansion refractory plastic mouldable

Micro-expansion refractory plastic mouldable has the advantages of strong plasticity under natural temperature , high adhesion ,high strength after natural drying ,its volume becomes expand slightly under high temperature ,high refractoriness, good sealing performance and easy construction. It is widely used in the complex positions like wall-pipe of furnace roof , furnace arch and furnace wall of co-generation industry of CFB boiler , coal powder boiler and other industrial kilns.

Micro-expansion refractory plastic mouldable

CFB Boiler DFWS micro-expansion refractory plastic mouldable

Technical performance Index:

Project Condition Index
Volume density,(g/cm3) 110℃ x24h drying ≤2.2
1000℃ x3h after burning ≤1.8
1400℃ x3h after burning ≤1.7
Compression strength(MPa) 110℃±5℃drying ≥30
1000℃ x3hafter burning ≥ 50
1400℃ x3hafter burning ≥ 50
Breaking strength(MPa) 110℃±5℃drying ≥10
1000℃ x3hafter burning
1400℃ x3hafter burning ≥10
Refractoriness(℃) ≥1700
Mouldable index (%) ≥15-40
Linear change rate after burning (%) 1000℃ x3h 0.5-1.5
1400℃ x3h 2-2.5
Thermal conductivity(W/m.k) 350℃ 1.09

Remark: We could adjust technical performance index according to client’s working condition.

Corundum refractory plastic mouldable

Corundum series wear-resisting refractory plastic mouldable

The main materials of this product is corundum , carborundum and super high bauxite ,matched with superfine powder , adopt combined binder and additive and plasticizer to match. It has good plasticity ,long-time storage life and its strength will increase along with the temperature’s increasing to ensure the mouldable refractory high strength and wear-resistance. …


CFB Boiler wear-resisting acid-resisting  refractory plastic mouldable

DFNMSS acid-resisting mouldable refractory is according to the self-developed CFB garbage incinerator’s technical requirements and working condition by Institute of thermal physics of Chinese academy sciences to develop NMSS series acid-resisting castable refractory that suitable for the requirement of garbage incinerator . …


1.FEDEX/DHL/UPS/TNT for samples.
2.By Sea for batch goods.
3.Customers specifying freight forwarders or negotiable shipping methods!
4.Delivery Time:3 days for common shape samples;15 days for special shape samples.Within 30 days for batch goods.

Payment Terms
1.Payment: T/T, Western Union,LC; Usually 30% paid by T/T as deposit,the rest 70% balance paid by T/T before delivery .
2.MOQ: Usually 1Tons,Customers can order certain PCS for special brick.
3.Quality Warranty: 3years.

Package Information
1.On wooden pallets with plastic cover.
2.According to customer’s requirements.

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