South Africa client visited our factory for long cooperation

South Africa refractory materials

1st.Nov.2017 South africa client came to visit our factory –he mainly inspected refractory castable  this time .The client is one agent in his country and he has his own installation company of different boilers and furnaces .

Our general manager and chief engineer Mr wang received him and took him to workshop and explained to him our automatic line of manufacturing refractory castable and plastic mouldable.

The client spoke highly of our production technology and the good quality materials and products.

South Africa refractory

Then the client checked our 1200t refractory brick equipment and our shuttle kiln to calcine bricks, he showed great interest of them ,he said : even he has sold many years refractory materials but haven’t seen equipment to produce bricks ! he thought our bricks looked like artwork–pretty and firm !

When visited our warehouse ,he was shocked ! he said he had never seen one warehouse clean and tidy like this ! thank you for your praise –we always do our best to make our factory develop better !

South Africa refractory castable

South Africa refractory bricks

At last , the client said that he was very satisfied with our factory and products , he would place order when he returned to his country and hope to build a long cooperation with our factory !

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